PrepWizard Labeling System Saves QSRs Hours Per Week

It’s one of those questions you often hear from time management experts, but what would you do with an extra 20 or 30 minutes each day? What about 3 extra hours per week? Now, think about what you might do with that time if you were running a quick service restaurant and you wanted to […]

What to Look for in a Food Service Label Printer

what to look for in a food service label printer

If you’re in the market for a food service label printer, it’s unfortunate but true that not all printers are created equal. However, you’re in the right place to continue your search — but it can end right here with PrepWizard. We’ll cover a few key questions to ask yourself when scouting potential food service […]

How the PrepWizard Food Label Printer Works

How the PrepWizard Food Label Printer Works

Implementing a new process can seem overwhelming, especially to a restaurant with many employees to train. But with PrepWizard’s intuitive, easy-to-use food label printer and software, it’s never been easier. We’re confident you and your team will even enjoy it! It only takes 3 quick steps Have you ever been promised that something easy to […]

Save Time and Money With Food Labeling Software

The restaurant industry is inherently stressful and fast-paced. If you’re not on your game at all times, a lot of what goes on can pass you by. Your business may lose money or waste time on processes that aren’t streamlined. For prep-related woes, we have an answer: food labeling software. So what is food labeling […]

Here’s How a Food Preparation Label Printer Beats Handwritten Labels

how a food preparation label beats handwritten labels

As a vigilant restaurant owner, you’re probably already aware of the importance of having a food prep labeling system. The question is, does your “system” involve handwritten labels? Yikes. Don’t get us wrong, there are a time and place for calligraphy, just not in these instances. Here’s how a food preparation label printer beats handwritten […]

Why Do You Need a Food Prep Labeling System?

Why do you need a food prep labeling system?

No matter your role in the restaurant industry, it’s likely that you’ve come into contact with food prep in the past. It can be tedious, time-consuming, and sometimes, a matter of guesswork. Though you may view writing food prep labels by hand as a necessary evil, or even as the best way to limit errors, […]