Save Time and Money With Food Labeling Software

The restaurant industry is inherently stressful and fast-paced. If you’re not on your game at all times, a lot of what goes on can pass you by. Your business may lose money or waste time on processes that aren’t streamlined. For prep-related woes, we have an answer: food labeling software. So what is food labeling software, and how can it help you save time and money? Read on.

Save time and enhance productivity

There are a number of reasons to implement food prep best-practices in your restaurant. You can save valued employees time and increase their productivity with thoughtful protocols in place. Not to mention, software that’s actually user-friendly can help boost morale and limit tedious tasks.

Get excited about automated food labeling

Forget the days of estimating Use By dates. Worse yet, forget the days of getting Use By dates wrong and either wasting food or leaving a customer with an upset stomach.

Forget about updating systems by hand to reflect your inventory. With an automated food labeling system like PrepWizard, Turn-Key capabilities load everything into your system for you. And, updates are reflected automatically as your business and inventory grow and change.

Furthermore, bulk-printing capabilities allow you to print more with fewer clicks. With 2-in-1 labels, for example, you can even reduce the need for the total labels required on a daily and ongoing basis. PrepWizard’s 2-in-1 labels allow you to move food items from the “prep” stage to the “production” stage without printing additional labels.

Boost morale and empower employees

Forget about messy, time-consuming handwritten labels. If your restaurant has never gone through a handwritten label phase, consider yourself lucky (or smart, for that matter).

Empower your employees with user-friendly food labeling software that’s location-based, Bluetooth-enabled, and accessible on any smart device. They can get things done in one area of the restaurant while preparing the day’s shipment and bulk-print needed labels.

Unsure where you can find something like this? PrepWizard makes it easy with their free app, label printer, and corresponding labels.

Save money and cut costs

Not only does saving time contribute to money saved, but there are also other concrete ways in which food labeling software can save you further funds.

Avoid wasted food with proper labeling

By automating your food labeling system and keeping a better handle on your inventory, you’ll waste less food. Use By dates will be easy-to-read, accurate, and right at your fingertips. You’ll be able to abide by the first-in, first-out mentality, and your team will feel more confident using and serving food items.

Furthermore, wasting less food will clearly illustrate which items are hits and which ones are misses. You can streamline what items you order, when, and in what quantities.

Keep more customers

Naturally, with fresher ingredients and well-crafted dishes, your customer base will grow (and keep coming back). However, if you’re not yet a believer that food labeling software can directly equate to that, just think about the energy food prep tasks require. They probably take up a large chunk of your day-to-day. By improving this process and letting the printer software, and actual labels do more of the legwork, you’re opening yourself and your team up to big and better things.

After all, food prep is certainly important. However, equipping yourself with an ally in the food industry like PrepWizard can set you up for success from start to finish.

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