PrepWizard Labeling System Saves QSRs Hours Per Week

It’s one of those questions you often hear from time management experts, but what would you do with an extra 20 or 30 minutes each day? What about 3 extra hours per week?

Now, think about what you might do with that time if you were running a quick service restaurant and you wanted to use that time to get more things done or let your workers focus on additional tasks?

That’s the idea behind PrepWizard, a simple innovation in QSR food preparation that we created at Cyber Dynamite.

PrepWizard saves QSRs 20 to 30 minutes per day and an average of 3 hours per week by automating food prep labeling. It eliminates time wasted on writing labels by hand, and it helps ensure 100% accurate and compliant food labeling while freeing up workers to focus on other tasks.

In our rollouts with clients such as Taco Bell and Domino’s Pizza, PrepWizard has consistently delivered these time-saving results. This system also alleviates one of the tasks that managers and workers find the most annoying; moreover, it empowers them to spend more time doing actual prep, serving customers, folding boxes, training, or simply opening and closing the store faster.

PrepWizard is a simple turnkey solution that uses a mobile app running on a tablet or smartphone. It automatically calculates use-by dates and times, and prints accurate, compliant labels in a quick 3-step process.

You just select your presorted products or ingredients from the app, print your labels with a tap of a button in the app, and then print and apply your labels. We supply the software and Bluetooth-enabled high-quality Zebra label printers to print your labels.

With PrepWizard, there’s no manual handwriting, and that means no issues with hard-to-read labels or human errors with writing correct information. Since they’re printed clearly and auto-generated with properly calculated use-by dates and times, your labels are 100% accurate and compliant with all food safety regulations.

For QSRs that sign up for our free trial and try the system, this solution quickly becomes a no-brainer, and our conversion rate from trials to customers is 99%.

“The time savings are tremendous,” says Jason H. of Taco Bell ARL. “We are using PrepWizard in some of our locations, and it is so easy to use, and setup was a breeze. It makes things easier to manage and verify, and leads to better quality and cost savings. I highly recommend that any group looking to streamline prep and food safety labeling look into PrepWizard, and I would like to see this rolled out across our entire system.”

Before PrepWizard, many of our clients were handwriting prep labels, and typically only a few select employees would create them. This is because those employees were most familiar with the shelf life chart for their restaurant’s food products and ingredients.

Now, any of their staff can quickly and easily create prep labels because the app manages and calculates use-by dates and times for them. Food safety is actually improved because labels are easy to read and always have accurate information.

For added speed and convenience, printing is lightning-fast on the Zebra printers we supply as part of the PrepWizard solution. You can print individual or bulk labels with a tap of a button, there’s no printer ink or ribbon required, and all printing is wireless via Bluetooth connection with your mobile device.

We even make it easy to try our system to see if it’s right for your restaurant food prep. You can request a free 14-day trial with absolutely no cost or obligation, and we’ll send you everything you need to test PrepWizard.

But few of our customers have ever needed 14 days to evaluate our system. It takes just minutes to get up and running. Once customers start experiencing the benefits of automated food prep labeling, most are convinced on day one. Out of over 2,300 restaurants that have tried our system, fewer than 10 have ever sent it back.

To sign up for your risk-free 14-day trial and see how much time PrepWizard can save you, contact us now at 888.993.7737, support@localhost, or sign up here

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