why should i automate my food prep labels

Why Your Business Should Automate Food Prep Labels

Really. When we say that automated food prep labels save you time and money, there are countless reasons. Not only will a small investment like a food prep labeling system and label printer impact your bottom line, it will cause tangible improvements in your restaurant’s processes almost immediately.

Automated food prep labels create a better work environment

Camaraderie. This is hard-fought in many industries, and many employers have a difficult time creating it in their business. Camaraderie is what keeps employees happy, productive, and motivated for success. When you can implement small procedures that help everyone stay on the same page and working together, it’s best not to pass up these opportunities.

Rather than assigning one or a few employees the tedious, time-consuming task of handwriting or printing messy food prep labels, automated systems like PrepWizard allow an unlimited number of users to work together at once. One employee can be adding labels to the queue for printing, while another prints the labels in bulk while serving customers in another area of the restaurant. Systems like PrepWizard are location-based, meaning anyone in your restaurant with a compatible device, the free PrepWizard app, and your restaurant’s login can tackle a food prep labeling task, instantly.

Employee training is much easier

Training new employees is hard. With automated food prep labels? Much easier. There are countless tasks that new hires need to become familiar with. Handwriting labels and completing proper, safe food prep is no small feat. Handwriting tens if not hundreds of labels day after day is daunting. And, if employees are less familiar with safe food handling procedures and how fresh food items last, errors like this can create a whole host of other issues. In the end, the employee will become frustrated, and you’ll feel you don’t have enough time to train him/her because you’ll be dealing with ill or upset customers. But fear not. PrepWizard takes the guesswork out with an intuitive, user-friendly mobile app, mentioned prior. 

You’ll save money and make fewer mistakes

Labeling is a time consuming task. Labor time adds up quick — so does your payroll. Keep employees focused on tasks critical to your business’s success, like the quality of the food leaving the kitchen. Automating simple tasks can have a tremendous impact on your business’s’ bottom line. It’s true — a system like PrepWizard can save you $500 to $1,000 annually on the labeling process alone. That’s not counting how much you’ll save by not throwing away food waste, losing customers due to improperly labeled food, and much more. This is made possible mostly by PrepWizard’s ability to automatically calculate Use By dates according to your business’s shelf-life chart. Your employees won’t have to worry about math mistakes or recording errors. They can focus on letting their talents shine in other areas.

A cohesive business is a successful business

Whenever you have the opportunity to streamline a process, you should take it. Automation is a huge buzzword in just about every industry nowadays, and there’s huge potential for automated food labels like PrepWizard to impact your business both in the short- and long-term. Start now with a risk-free trial.

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