How the PrepWizard Food Label Printer Works

How the PrepWizard Food Label Printer Works

Implementing a new process can seem overwhelming, especially to a restaurant with many employees to train. But with PrepWizard’s intuitive, easy-to-use food label printer and software, it’s never been easier. We’re confident you and your team will even enjoy it!

It only takes 3 quick steps

Have you ever been promised that something easy to use or install, but then were met with the opposite? At PrepWizard, we mean what we say. It truly takes three quick steps:

  1. Select your pre-sorted products or ingredients from the PrepWizard app.
  2. Print your labels with a single click.
  3. Apply each clearly printed label to your product.

Our printers are programmed and pre-loaded

While other food label printers need to be programmed, the PrepWizard system comes preloaded with a catalog of items curated to suit your franchise. With each list of products based on your specific brand and store, you’ll simply need to select a product from the list and watch your labels begin printing.

Additionally, the user-friendly design of PrepWizard means that it can be used with any device with Bluetooth capabilities. Your employees can use their own smartphones or a store tablet and begin printing prep labels within minutes simply by downloading the PrepWizard app and syncing to your new automatic printer.

Choosing labels

When it comes to picking the right labels for your printer, PrepWizard has you covered. Forget messy, handwritten labels or DayDots. PrepWizard’s selection of labels includes dissolvable labels and low-adhesive labels.

Dissolvable labels cost 1.5 cents or less. Low-adhesive labels cost 1 cent or less depending on your desired quantity.

You may also find PrepWizard’s 2-in-1 labels can save additional time and money. Record “prep” information on one side and move items to “production” on one label.

PrepWizard’s food label printer features at-a-glance

PrepWizard’s food label printer was developed with you and your team in mind — even the newest hires. The comprehensive system has the following unique features:

  • No ink or ribbon required: Thermal printers save money and don’t require messy expensive ink.
  • Lightning-fast: The system connects instantly via Bluetooth.
  • Flexible: The system offers the ability to print unique labels for 3 product lifecycles (Unopened, Prepped, or In-Production). Additionally, the 2-in-1 “prep” label allows you to move prep products into “production” with one single label.
  • Bulk-printing: Easily print multiple product labels with a single click.
  • Turn-key: Products and shelf-life data for your unique brand are preloaded and automatically populated.
  • Location-based: An unlimited number of team members can use their smartphones or a store tablet to begin printing.
  • Automatically calculates Use By dates: Use By dates calculate automatically, so you’ll save time and boost morale.
  • Prints wirelessly: The app automatically connects multiple devices to the printer with Bluetooth.

See it in action

PrepWizard’s printer, labels, and free app all come together flawlessly in this quick video. See PrepWizard’s food label printer in action, here.

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