Factory Reset of Printer

TRY THIS FIRST if your printer is:

If the PrepWizard app is unable to find the Bixolon printer, then please follow these steps:

  • Is the printer ON? LED 1 and LED 2 lights on top of the printer should be green.
  • Make sure the bluetooth on your phone or tablet is turned on.
  • Make sure you are close to the printer.
  • Still not working? Turn the printer OFF and back ON.
  • Try restarting your own device.

When you initially install the app, the app requests your permission to access your location. If you accidentally declined upon downloading, you can change settings here: Learn how to enable location services.

You can also simply uninstall and reinstall the app and it will ask again.

Read our Privacy Policy in the PrepWizard app by clicking Settings > Privacy Policy.

Green Peppers & Onions Only

This is either an error on our end, or because your store has not paid to use PrepWizard. Please contact us for assistance and provide your store #, store address, and restaurant brand name

Blank Screen/No Products Shown

This is likely an internet connection issue. Please check your Wifi or cellular data signal. It might help to restart your mobile device.

The Bixolon printer requires calibration. Press the Feed button and the printer will calibrate itself.

Turn the Bixolon printer OFF and back ON.

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