Your Guide to the PrepWizard Food Prep Labeling System

Increase your restaurant’s efficiency and cut costs with our automatic food prep labeling system! Don’t waste food, time, or money ever again with these innovative, dissolvable labels. 

Don’t let yourself be left behind — automatic labels are the standard for restaurant efficiency. Order yours now and join thousands of restaurants saving time and money on their food prep!

Replace handwritten labels and DayDots with automatic food prep labels that can easily dissolve in water. 

Upgrade your food prep system to the most efficient, cost-effective method on the market and see a full return on your investment in as little as 6 months!

Prep Wizard Automatic Food Labeling System


PrepWizard was created to fill the gap we recognized within restaurants’ food preparation and planning. In May of 2019, we began noticing the incredible amount of time, food, and money spent on the tedious task of food prep label creation in the restaurants we operated. One restaurant can easily save $500 to $1,000 annually by eliminating the time-consuming process of manually filling in the relevant label information for 50, 75, 100 or more labels per day. 

Armed with this knowledge and our own experience in creating apps for equipment tracking and hiring, PrepWizard was born. In addition to quickly printing bulk prep labels, we designed the system with the user in mind and created features that would save time and increase team morale. Our founders have operated restaurants for more than 27 years, so we are all well acquainted with the needs of our users. We wanted a system that could be quickly and easily set up by any team member and would instantly calculate and produce accurate prep labels — so we designed just that.  

Now you no longer have to let your food go to waste with illegible handwritten labels or miscalculated dates — PrepWizard will handle all the grunt work for you!


PrepWizard was designed with the user in mind, which means we painstakingly developed our system to be easily implemented by anyone within your team in a matter of minutes. We even preload all your company’s products and shelf life data into the system so that your team doesn’t have to waste time learning tedious, time-consuming set-up procedures. 

With PrepWizard’s innovative, accommodating features, you’ll be able to gain back control over your time, money, and food! The comprehensive system: 

  • Needs No Ink or Ribbon – Because our PrepWizard system uses a thermal printer, you don’t have to worry about any added, hidden costs. 
  • Is Lightning Fast – The system connects instantly via Bluetooth, improving productivity and making it fast and easy to use for all team members. 
  • Is Flexible – The system offers the ability to print unique labels for 3 product life cycles (Unopened, Prepped, or In-Production). Additionally, the 2-in-1 “prep” label allows you to move prep products into “production” with one single label. 
  • Allows Bulk Printing – Easily print multiple product labels with a single click and watch your labor savings quickly pay for the system. 
  • Is Turn-Key – PrepWizard requires no unique set-up since all the products and shelf life data for your unique brand will be preloaded and automatically populated. 
  • Is Location-Based – You will have unlimited users per your location and each team member can simply use their smartphones or a store tablet to begin printing. 
  • Uses Automatic Dates – Since the “use by” dates are calculated automatically by the printer, your employee morale will improve and time will be saved by eliminating the tedious and time-consuming task of calculating and handwriting labels. 
  • Prints Wirelessly – The app automatically connects multiple devices to the printer with Bluetooth, which means that no manual setup is required. 

How to Use

Implementing a brand-new process can seem overwhelming, especially to a restaurant with many employees to train. But with PrepWizard’s intuitive, easy-to-use printer and software it’s never been easier!

Upgrading your food prep labeling system is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with this innovative, automatic labeling system. Simply: 

  1. Select your pre-sorted products or ingredients from the PrepWizard app
  2. Print your labels with a single click
  3. Apply each clearly printed label to your product

It’s just that easy!

While other food prep labeling systems need to be programmed, the PrepWizard system comes preloaded with a catalog of items specially curated to suit your franchise. With each list of products based on your specific brand and store, you’ll simply need to select a product from the list and watch your labels begin printing. 

Additionally, the user-friendly design of PrepWizard means that it can be used with any device with Bluetooth capabilities — you don’t need any special equipment! Your employees can use their own smartphones or a store tablet and begin printing prep labels within minutes simply by downloading the PrepWizard app and syncing to your new automatic printer. 

How PrepWizard Stacks Up Against the Competition

Unlike other food safety solutions, food prep labeling is what we do — it’s what we’re meant for and what we do best. With other systems, you may be required to purchase additional products, like a specific tablet, or spend needless hours inputting data to program it for your store. PrepWizard eliminates all of that. You’ll be able to start saving time immediately with PrepWizard because we preprogram everything for you

We designed this food labeling system with you in mind — that means we took the time to ensure that it works on devices you already have in your store, like employee cell phones or an already established store tablet. No extra purchases here. 

PrepWizard also starts saving you time the moment you receive your system. Seriously, we program all your items in for you so that all you have to do is plug it in. We make sure it works properly every time!

Overall, we created the PrepWizard system to not only hold up against the competition but to crush it. Our system is easier to use, doesn’t require the additional purchase of a special tablet, works great for you right when you receive it, and comes at a fraction of the price of ordinary food prep labeling systems. Don’t allow others to price gouge you for a product that performs worse. Join or switch to PrepWizard today!